Dog Bites Off Woman’s Nose

This is a unfortunate news story about a woman who was viscously attacked while walking her Beagle.  There are two thoughts about this account which I think are worth noting.  First of all, the dog is reported to NOT have been a Pit Bull, German Shepherd, or Rottweiler.  Instead it was a Lab Mix it is believed.  After decades of training dogs “hands on” at our training facility, I can tell you that the worst bite we ever received was from a Lab Mix.  My husband was in treatment for over a year to normalize his hand.  Now, I don’t imply that Labradors are aggressive.  What I have noticed over the years is that if a dog is atypically aggressive, it is usually really bad.  For example, you could expect a Lab to jump on you, mow you over, etc., but you would NOT ever expect this type of  life threatening behavior.  There is a huge difference between a dog that nicks the skin and one that rips and tears.

The other, most unfathomable part of this story is that in this part of Iowa, there are no laws that require a viscous dog to be removed.  Nor is there any accountability on the part of the owner.  I am all for attempting to redirect unwanted behaviors, but if a dog has a history like this and I think he may take the face off of a child (or adult in this case), then sadly, he should probably be euthanized.  I don’t feel we should take any chances.  This dog obviously is a menace to say the least!!

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