Potty Training Tips

One of the keys to successful potty training is to make the “inside the house world” very small.  Using the crate as a clean place, rotate the pup out often. After the pup has done its duty is a good opportunity to have some free time in the house.

Now, I don’t mean free as running free into bedrooms and up stairs. I mean free as in you have the pup in a room or two and watch it like a hawk. Keep the time brief and then take he or she out again.  Have the pup walk to the door with your encouragement. If you pick him up and place him in the yard he will not understand the concept of going to the door. He might think he’d been airlifted to a different planet. He needs to make this connection! Be very positive.

If there is an accident, clean it up and consider it your fault for not getting him out quick enough.  For this to work there is no correction other than maybe a little aah-aah, and that’s only if you catch him in the act. Potty training has to be competely based on  encouragement.

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