Your Dog’s Favorite Ball Could Be Deadly

Last week my husband and I nearly lost our beloved Rottweiler, Jaegar. Never think that you are exempt from a mishap simply because you are an animal expert or know all about dogs.

Every night after we eat dinner, my husband takes our two year old Rottweiler way out into the pasture to play ball. Jaegar is one of those ball crazy dogs. He LOVES to pick it up, drop it, toss it, but most of all…….catch it! On one of the throws it bounced as Jaegar ran to grab it mid-air. He immediately tried to gag and then he began flipping on the ground like a fish. Yes, it had gone down his throat and had cut off his air supply.


My husband had to drag him all the way up hill to the kennel screaming for me. When I ran out to see what was wrong, both of them collapsed on the ground, my husband due to physical and emotional exhaustion and Jaegar because he was near death. I could barely feel the edge of the ball down his throat but couldn’t get a hold of it. In a slow motion kind of way, I remember thinking I needed to jump on his chest when Daryl’s big hand went in for one last determined try to dislodge the ball.


We were all very fortunate. Jaegar could breathe again and after a while seemed to return to his normal self. It was a very close call. He had been without air for approximately three minutes and was blue. If there hadn’t been two of us on scene the outcome could have been very different.



Please! If your dog is a ball fanatic, make sure that it is large enough to have no chance of causing a choking disaster. Our dogs depend on us. Dogs that are obsessed with games and toys are driven and do not calculate danger. A few days later Jaegar ran to the pasture looking for his ball.


My personal positive take-away is being able to relay the story and try to prevent someone else’s dog from choking to death. Also, it makes me truly appreciate my dog and my dear husband!!

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  1. SlimDoggy says:

    A great cautionary tale that needs to be brought up more often. I worry about this and sticks as the same could happen with a stick. Don’t use either anymore.

  2. bucksmom says:

    Excellent article! Most people don’t find out until it’s too late.
    I had to rule out racquetballs from my retrievers for this very same reason….

  3. BoingyDog says:

    So happy that Jaegar is OK! I wrote about a story recently about a dog who ingested a ball during a game of fetch. His owner didn’t realized it and took him home thinking the ball just disappeared at the park. After some very serious symptoms, her dog needed emergency surgery to remove the ball. Luckily he survived. Kayo’s also ball crazy; I don’t think a tennis ball could make it into her airway but I’m always on the lookout!

    • Cheryl Mulick says:

      My husband for a split second wondered where the ball went too until he realized by Jaegar’s weird behavior. I can’t imagine a dog living long enough to make it to the vet’s office. Thank God both of these made it!

  4. Richard says:


    Glad to hear it all turned out OK. Life is precious and can be snatched way at anytime!


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