Listen To Your Dog Trainer

Assuming you did your homework by choosing a dog trainer with credentials, years of experience, and hundreds of happy clients… you now need to take advantage of the information they are yearning to share.



The fees are the same whether your goals include serious owner instruction or you just want to skate past all that you deem unimportant. Trust me, a good dog trainer would much rather take the extra time to pass on a wealth of information to an eager client than to be cut short by a dog owner who thinks they already know it all. I can’t tell you how my heart drops when I realize that someone is satisfied with their dog being mediocre. Trainers dream that the owners become inspired by them to continue the quest for learning, but it is sadly, seldom the case.



It gets a bit personal with people and their dogs. They often want a quick fix to their dogs’ “bad habits” but they are not open to looking at their own shortcomings and often times become quite defensive. It defies reason why some folks would hire an expert and then pick through their advice a la carte choosing which pieces are relevant when they obviously don’t have all the answers yet still hang on to the notion that they know what is best.


Dog Trainer Master's Degree Online Dog Training

A good dog trainer is never done learning. They have spent long years in the study and application of dog behavior. They keep up with the latest scientific data in dog cognition by reading the latest from experts in the field and attending trainer conferences and seminars. They are involved with other dog trainers and associations to stay ahead of the curve, all the while using their knowledge to train dogs and owners full time. In addition, the ability to successfully coach “dog parents” requires the equivalent to a degree in human psychology alone!




If you have chosen a highly regarded dog trainer who teaches dogs and people using positive methods, then you have a gold mine of information within reach. Dog trainers such as these are typically the most compassionate and patient humans on the planet. Along with decades of learning and practical experience they embody a combination of tenacity and tenderness.



Build a relationship with your expert! He or she will give you more for your dollar than you ever dreamed. They will give you a better life with your dog! And, in return, your trainer will reap the benefit of a life enriched by wonderful friends both human and canine! All bonded for life… it doesn’t get better than that!

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  1. For people on a budget, my experience has been that if a dog trainer sees that you have a serious desire to learn and want to be a good dog owner; they will work with you on the fees. This may not be all dog trainers, but this has been my experience with many in my area.

    We adopted littermate puppies; our training should have cost more than twice what we paid. I was blown away by what we learned and I loved that our dogs would pass out for hours after an hour with our trainer (with many breaks).

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