The Master’s Degree Elk Antler Chews

In addition to providing our students with the best in interactive dog training whether in person or online, we occasionally suggest a particular product that we believe to be outstanding.


For years we ourselves have battled the issue of dog chews. Real bones can be a hazard as they splinter or chip. Rawhides are often eaten too quickly with the danger of the dog swallowing the end pieces. Some of the manufactured dental chews look like a blockage waiting to happen!


A Newfoundland we trained years ago came with a supply of pigs ears. After softening one up by chewing, she took a breath and it flattened up against the back of her throat, cutting off her air supply. Luckily I was there and managed to get it out!


In recent years, antlers have become popular due to the fact that they don’t splinter and they last a long time.The downside was that they are very large in price and very small in size! I decided to become an expert on antler chews in my effort to find the best antlers for our own dogs as well as for our client dogs.



I found it interesting to know that animals with antlers shed them annually typically late March through April. They begin the process of re-growing a new rack immediately after shedding. During this growth process, an elk’s antlers can grow up to 2” per day! Elk antlers are preferred because they are larger than those from deer and have the most marrow center.


After shedding, there are hunters who actually go looking for the antlers on the ground. You can tell a fresh antler from an old one by the color. The current year’s antlers have a brownish tone while the older ones take on a chalky white look. Dogs prefer the newer (Grade A) antlers because the marrow on the inside is fresher.


Other benefits of elk antler chews are that they are all natural and do not contain artificial color, flavor, or preservatives. They are not taken from dead animals like many other chews. They are good for the body as they contain many bio-nutrients and minerals and are good for the teeth. There is virtually no smell or mess and they will keep your dog happy for hours and hours. From a training standpoint, it is good to have some activities to prevent your dog from getting bored and into trouble.


We were fortunate to find a supplier whose elk antlers are collected from the Rocky Mountain area and are fresh. We were also pleasantly surprised to see how large they are compared to those we had seen. All we could say was WOW!! We can’t wait to share them with all of our dog friends!!!


We have a variety of antler sizes available in our store that will meet the needs of you dog. Split antler are designed to give your dog easier access to the tasty marrow, while whole antlers are ideal for the strong chewers. Click here to visit our store!


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