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Small Dogs That Bite

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Have you ever thought about what it must be like to be a little dog, always having to look up at the giant scary world?

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Dog Bites Off Woman’s Nose

This is a unfortunate news story about a woman who was viscously attacked while walking her Beagle.  There are two thoughts about this account which I think are worth noting.  First of all, the dog is reported to NOT have been a Pit Bull, German Shepherd, or Rottweiler.  

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Kuma, the Fearful/Aggressive Dog Connects!!!

The past week or so of our patient, oh so slow introduction to Kuma had paid off!! He has now connected. I no longer have to gently squat to pick up the end of his drop cord to herd him from one place to another.

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Kuma, the Fearful/Aggressive Dog Begins to Trust

In my blog titled Approaching the Anxious/Nervous Dog, I laid out some do’s and don’ts concerning the human’s approach to such a dog.

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Slow & Easy With the Fearful/Aggressive Dog

As a trainer, when you are confronted with a dog that is snarling and snapping, you are continuously reading the dog’s body language in an effort to see if you can get the dog to begin trusting you.

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