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Sully’s Recovery From ACL Surgery

In January I wrote about my Rottweiler, Sully, and his knee surgery. Because he is such a large dog, the surgeon recommended the TPLO procedure (tibial plateau leveling operation). This particular surgery involves installing a large plate with screws into his leg to hold the knee together.

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Sully’s Knee Surgery

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This week, my own dog, Sully, had his much awaited knee repair surgery. He had torn his ACL, which is a somewhat common occurrence with Rottweilers and other breeds as well. There are two options for surgical repair.

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My Dog Is Limping!

So often I have heard a dog owner say that their dog is limping and that it must have hurt his paw. Certainly, a dog could get a splinter or bur between their toes, or pull a toenail off, but the limp is usually caused by a problem in a different area.

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