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Barking at Doorbell

Doorbell reactivity is a topic that has come up frequently.  Unfortunately, by the time an owner seeks a solution, the behavior has been ingrained and automatic. I recently came across a wonderful explanation of what to try by Kaye Hargreaves, owner of Wagging School in Melbourne, Australia: Firstly, there is conditioned response to the doorbell. […]

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Working with a Service/Therapy Dog

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Involved dog owners these days are frequently working with their dogs to serve others.  Many people have a service dog of their own for various disabilities and others may be in training with their pets to be helpful in the areas of therapy at hospitals or care centers.  

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Dogs With Noise Sensitivity

We received another question on Twitter concerning a dog named Bam Bam, a female Setter mix, who has developed a fear of loud pops such as from a gun or balloon.  It seems that this was more of  a learned fear response because she did not always act this way.  

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