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Dog Holding Up Under Bed Growling

Someone asked my opinion yesterday about their dog who takes cover under the bed and dares the owner to bother him. He also has a tendency to guard his chew bones and act uneasy when the  kids want to give him a squeeze, occasionally offering a warning snap.

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Approaching the Anxious/Nervous Dog

Anytime you need to deal with an unfamiliar dog, especially an anxious one, there are some do’s and don’ts. Do not stare the dog right in the eye. Instead look away as this will be a sign of friendliness to the dog. Do not come right up into the dog’s space.

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Brigitta, the Remarkable Rescue Dog

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I take in quite a few rescue dogs for training in the course of the year. Often there is very little known history and one could only guess what has happened in the lives of these dogs.

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