Meet The Dog Trainer

Dog training

Hello and welcome! I am your dog trainer, Cheryl Mulick. My life with dogs began the day I came home from the hospital as an infant in the Midwest. As a trainer I suppose you could say I’m “grandfathered in” as my grandpa was a dog trainer and I spent my first years hanging onto the ears of his highly accomplished hunting dogs.

Many years later, after settling down in Oregon with my own family, I became a nationally recognized breeder and exhibitor of champion German Shepherd Dogs. I lived in this very competitive and exciting arena for nearly two decades before realizing my true passion was not only working with dogs, but educating dog owners. Northfleet German Shepherds gradually evolved into Northfleet Dog Obedience around 1995.

Then… in January 2014 we streamlined our efforts to best serve all of our clients by merging Northfleet Dog Obedience into The Master’s Degree Dog Training.


I am a certified professional dog trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

certified professional dog trainingTo become a CPDT-KA I was required to have at least 300 hours of trainer experience and provide recommendations from a veterinarian, a client, and a colleague. In addition, I passed an independent, science-based exam to demonstrate my knowledge in Instruction Skills, Animal Husbandry, Ethology, Learning Theory, Equipment, Business Practices & Ethics. As of 2015 there are fewer than 70 certified professional dog trainers in the state of Oregon.


My Dog Training Philosophy

I have been so fortunate to service the best of humanity, those who put their family first, with the dog being a highly regarded member! My philosophy is that we need not force our pets to simply “obey.” Rather, we should educate ourselves about these amazing animals and then work WITH them. Like the famous saying goes “seek first to understand.”

As a dog trainer, instructing owners involves much discussion of dog behavior in general, their dog’s individual behavior, and THEIR OWN behavior! Any good dog trainer seeks out those who are interested in being the human student first and foremost. It is those people who will end up with the best owner-to-dog relationship. It is my goal to provide a support system that includes the necessary tools and materials for your education.

As for the actual training of the dog, I believe in molding behavior through the adaptation of consistent, positive cues. Also important is the manner in which you posture with your dog as is taught throughout our program while you study how your dog thinks and reacts.

My Inspiration

Cheryl Mulick learning dog training from her grandfather

For all of this: my dog training business which bind me to all of you, and the privilege of a life enriched by the presence and knowledge of dogs, I give tribute to my grandfather!

On a personal level, I have come full circle, as I now have grandchildren of my own and who are growing up with a familiarity and appreciation for these wonderful companions. Click on the video, and meet some of our up and coming dog trainers!