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Dog Training

Topper’s time with you has made such a difference in my life. I can’t thank you enough.This morning I realized the “silly season” is upon the squirrels in the arboretum. They are everywhere gathering food for the winter and are completely oblivious to dogs. Topper is still very interested in the squirrels and would happily chase them, but he is also responsive to me and we are getting through our walks with greater confidence. A year ago I was terrified of walking him in the arboretum. Today I am cautious but no longer scared I’ll fall. You have been a prayer answered.

Sara M.


Yellow LabradorOptimized-photo

Before Cheryl and her Master’s Degree Course, life with our two year old Yellow Lab was like living with a dragon! Now Gracie is well behaved, much calmer, and lives up to her name. We couldn’t recommend Cheryl more highly. In two words: The best!!!

Mike R.


Toy PoodleOptimized-992834_547570945305508_465055460_n

We received a recommendation to Northfleet Dog Obedience by one of the Technicians at our Vet’s office.  Our little toy poodle, Lucy, was only 15 weeks old when we dropped her off with Cheryl to begin her training. Cheryl treated Lucy as if she was her own puppy and kept us informed to her training progress along the way.  Cheryl worked wonders with Lucy and 11 weeks later when she graduated, she was potty trained, was properly trained on how to walk on a leash, understood and followed the “sit, down, stay, and come” commands and was such a well behaved little girl. If I ever have a question or just want to talk to Cheryl (dog subjects or not), she is always there and takes time to address. There’s no question that we would recommend Cheryl as a trainer and use her again in the future. To top it off, not only did we find a fantastic trainer in Cheryl, but I feel a great friendship was made through the process.

Patty W.


“Khari & Lexi”
South African Boerboels

©2009 Kathi Lamm www.lammphoto.com

©2009 Kathi Lamm www.lammphoto.com

…acting on the recommendation of a dear friend and previous client of Northfleet Dog Obedience, I delivered my two young girls to Cheryl for training at the age of four months. “The Girls” were sadly in need of obedience training, socialization, and just plain good manners… I was, at first, discouraged by the breeder from allowing any trainer to work with my pups due to their prior experience with trainers of all sorts. After meeting and discussing with Cheryl her training philosophy and techniques, I was very comfortable with them being in her care. I was able to visit and see first hand the techniques that Cheryl uses. I always felt that my presence was welcomed and encouraged, and I learned much just by watching Cheryl work with my pups, both individually and then together… I will always appreciate all that Cheryl was able to do for my not so “Little Ladies”, Khari and Lexi.

Dennis Billingsley, Ph.D.


Old English Sheepdog

…..My husband was referred to Northfleet Obedience by a co-worker. He and his wife could not speak highly enough of Cheryl and how good she was at working with dogs… Enrolling Lucy was the best thing we ever did for ourselves and our dog. When we first met with Cheryl we gave her a laundry list of all the things Lucy was doing wrong… What we realized after working with Cheryl is that her behavior is more about us than her. …Cheryl came to our rescue by initially working with Lucy and then she worked with us. She gave us the tools to work with her in a more positive way. …We have continued working with Lucy on everything Cheryl taught us and the training has paid off immensely. Our household is a much calmer environment after learning how to communicate with our dog. …we send a big thank you to Cheryl for helping us.




Rooney is doing GREAT!!!! He is totally a different dog, and fits into our family so much better now. You told us this early on, but it’s so amazing to me how tightening up his discipline and structure has made him better behaved all around. People tell us that they would get a dog if they had a guarantee that the dog would be like Rooney. We credit you for everything!



Glory Trained Pomeranian Puppy
A heartfelt “Thank You” for all you have done in training my Pomeranian dog, “Glory.” She was absolutely into everything before getting trained! I couldn’t get her to stop or pay attention. Now she is much more attentive and willing to listen. What a big change in her! I also really appreciated Cheryl’s taking her into her home and treating her like family! How incredible is that!!? I highly recommend Northfleet Obedience training to everyone. It was well worth the time and money.

Francine Rodabaugh



Mastiff/Great Dane

When I moved from New Mexico to Oregon, by Mastiff-Great Dane cross discovered squirrels….  Our regular walks turned into nightmares. Every time he spotted one, it was up, up, and awaaay,… We began to avoid any place that might have a squirrel… I was at my wit’s end when I brought Ennis to Northfleet. Nothing had worked. No amount of correction even made a dent in his behavior… Over just a few weeks, Cheryl worked her magic with him. During his time at Northfleet, Ennis was treated as one of the family. I visited regularly and witnessed a transformation that I consider miraculous. Now, not only do we walk with confidence all over the city, his behavior overall is outstanding. Thanks, Cheryl!



“Moses” & “Theo”
Pomeranian mix & Chihuahua mix

Before I brought my dogs, Moses and Theo, to Cheryl for training, life with them had become pretty miserable… Going for walks was a nightmare… they were aggressive, barking, growling, and lunging at other dogs, people, children, and even garbage cans!! I was referred to Cheryl, and her training program and expertise have helped so much. The first time I went to visit …I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing them “heel,” “sit,” and “stay” on command!!! As the weeks progressed they just got better and better and it wasn’t just the dogs, I was learning too and that is an important part of the process. Thanks to Cheryl, my dogs are well behaved and calm on their walks and at home, and as a result I am happier too!!!



“Bailee” & “Maya”
Shih Tzu mix &  Welsh Terrier

I am thrilled with the training my two dogs recently received at Northfleet Obedience. Thanks to the excellent training provided by Cheryl, my eleven year old dog, Bailee, proved that old dogs can learn new tricks…  My four month old Welsh Terrier pup, Maya, arrived at Northfleet a wild and crazy little girl. She recently returned home and I honestly could not be happier with her behavior… I highly recommend Northfleet Obedience. Cheryl is simply the best!!!

Lili Gunter


“Athena” & “Sammy”
Standard Poodle & Miniature Poodle

…..five years ago I bought a four month old Standard Poodle Puppy that a trainer I had hired told me was not trainable…A year later I bought a two year old Miniature Poodle who turned out to have been abused and displayed neurosis. Both of these dogs have turned out to be smart, loyal, fun, happy, obedient companions whom I adore!  All of this was in very large measure due to Cheryl’s training and follow-up advice…The result with my dogs was so positive that I sent all three of my daughter’s dogs to her – with the same wonderful conclusions. It is amazing to bring in an unruly, untrained dog and come back a month later to watch Cheryl show you your very well behave, happy pooch!… There have been added benefits that I didn’t expect when I retained Cheryl to train the dogs… Recently, my Miniature Poodle broke his leg and developed enormous complications just before I was to go out of the country for two weeks. I had no hesitation, however, in leaving him with Cheryl. Finally, and best of all, I found a lovely, remarkable friend.

Pauline Krips Newman
Gresham, Oregon


German Shepherd

I just wanted to let you know how great Kekoa has been doing at home! He is listening so much better that I ever could have imagined before he went to you… I am able to take him places now without having him drag me… Our walks are great, and it is a night and day difference from before. I can’t tell you how many comments I’ve gotten on his good behavior! …We are so grateful to you and all the time you put into him!




When we took our Rottweiler, Travis, to Northfleet Dog Obedience it was our last hope for keeping him… after a viscous dog attack at a Portland dog park, he became frightened, hyper-vigilant, and very dog aggressive. Travis could not be controlled on walks with any form of leash/collar/harness we had tried. When he reached his full growth he weighed 110 pounds…We had tried different trainers and programs but nothing was working. A friend told us about Cheryl and we decided to give her program a try. It was the best pet decision we had ever made! In a few short weeks Travis was a changed dog (and we were changed owners)… Clearly, he now feels safe and we have learned how to be in control. Travis has become the companion our family had hoped for. We are extremely grateful to Cheryl and recommend her to all our friends who have dogs that need training.



German ShepherdOptimized-IMG_1932

Thanks to you, Kona is doing fantastic!!! I’ll never forget our first conversation when I told you we had a German Shepherd that was out of control. The first question you asked was about her bloodlines. You immediately described her personality perfectly. She needed fine tuning and direction, but could be a great dog… Not only did you do a great job training Kona, and we tried several trainers before you, but you explained what Kona was all about and how we needed to look at her and her role in our family… We can’t thank you enough! Our children will grow up with wonderful memories of a very special girl!!

David, Pamela, Elizabeth, and David Mathew


Labrador Retriever
Dog Training Labrador Retriever
Hi Cheryl! …just thought you might like to see a picture of one of your students! Keno just turned 9 months and we took her over to Ontario, Oregon and she did incredible! She is such a natural hunter. I want to thank you again for the great job you did with her. I have had her out duck hunting 4 times lately and she sits and holds great for me when I’m in the ground blind. She is an absolute retrieving machine!!!!! Like you said, she really wants to work and please me. Thanks again, Cheryl!!