Private Dog Training

If you’re interested in training your dog with Cheryl Mulick  she welcomes new clients to work with her through Private Lessons.

One-on-one training sessions for you and your dog provide personalized instruction for those able to work weekly with the trainer and study/practice at home. This level of individualized attention is often very helpful with those owners who are experiencing particular behavior problems with their dog or have specific needs in learning.

Successful dog training is dependent on consistency which is why we offer private lessons in a package of six.

dog training Portland Oregon online dog training the masters degree dog training Cheryl Mulick Damascus Oregon puppy trainingAll training occurs at our facility is at our home property in Damascus, Oregon with majestic Mt. Hood in the background. Our building is heated/air conditioned for all of our clients, both human and canine.

Prior to your first scheduled appointment Cheryl will send you directions to our facility.


Cost: $480 for a package of six 1-hour private sessions.

We also offer a one-time, 90 minute consultation at our facility for $150.

A copy of the current vaccine record is required for all canine students.